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What great fun it was to meet and greet all the “Grand Folks” today!  Because a few children went home early with grandparents and some left early for trips, I decided to postpone our weekly ticket drawing until Tuesday.  It will be something fun for everyone to look forward to when they return.   Over break, please scour all the typical hiding places for stray Action 100 books and library books.  All library books should have been returned, but a few may still be outstanding.  Please note that next Tuesday will be the LAST DAY that Action 100 books will go home.   Have a great weekend!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 26, 2017 at 3:27 PM
Most boys and girls are sure getting excited about Grandparent’s Day, however for some this is a tough day.  Some students either don’t have someone special who can come for them or don’t have a close relationship with their grandparents.  I try to keep my eyes open for any children that may be alone.  I will ask students who DO have adults here for them to kindly include those who don’t.  If you could pass that message along to grandparents too, that would make it even more enjoyable for those who are alone.  Thank you!!   Tonight for homework – please have your child read to step 737 or more and study their spelling words one last time before tomorrow’s test!   TOMORROW IS THE LAST CALL TO ORDER LUNCH FOR THE COMO TRIP!   Have a great evening!!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 25, 2017 at 3:49 PM
The children have been working hard on developing their own personal timelines.  Each has three entries:  “When I was a baby,” “Now that I’m in second grade” and “When I grow up…”  Some have attempted to complete all their writing in cursive.  They really are wonderful to read.  I will be posting them up in the hallway before Grandparent’s Day, so be ready to read them when you stop into the building.  (They will go home at the end of the year.)   I’d like to thank all of you who returned the note about sack lunches.  I expected some of the numbers to change, and I was right.  Remember I will be submitting our order on Friday, so please do return your slips if you haven’t already.   Tonight for homework, students should read to Step 733 or more and should complete the short math worksheet that I gave them at the end of the day.   Have a nice evening!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 24, 2017 at 4:16 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone! This will be a busy week for us all.  Tomorrow we will be going to the Jefferson Book Fair right after lunch.  The book fair is a BOGO sale, meaning buy one and get one free.  Children should bring any money to school in an envelope with their name clearly written on the front.  It should be great sale AND lots of FUN!   Friday will be Grandparent’s Day.  I sent home quite a bit of information last week regarding Friday afternoon.  The most important thing that I want to reiterate is that I will need permission from you if your child is to leave the school grounds with someone other than you (or on the bus).  I will have a sign out sheet in my classroom for anyone picking up early to sign.  Please do send a note with your child so I know that I have permission for them to go home a different way than usual.   Tonight for homework – Read to Step 725 or more and practice the new spelling words!   Enjoy the sun while it lasts!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 22, 2017 at 3:54 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone!   Coming home today in your child’s folder is your invitation to our end of the program on June 2nd.   There are a couple of important things related to the performance that you need to know in advance.  We would like to get an idea of attendance so the custodian can best set up chairs in the gym.  Please let us know how many adults will be attending that afternoon.  Because of space capacity, we are requesting guests be limited to only 2-3 per family so all can get a seat. Younger children may attend, but we ask that you keep them on your laps for the program.  If they are fussy or need to move, we’ll ask you to just take them out the back door of the gym for a few minutes to get their wiggles out before you bring them back inside. Our program will be professionally videotaped by our school district’s television crew.  This is another reason why we’d like you to remove any fussy children.  The cameras will pick up all those extra sounds too. If you’d like to pre-order a DVD of the program, the cost is $10.00.  On the day of the program, all the orders will be given to the photographer.  You can order that day too if you’d like.  If you choose to order at a later date, but you’ll need to do that through the school district website, and the cost will increase to $15.00 per DVD.  The DVD’s are scheduled to arrive at school on the last day, June 8th.  Should there be a delay, we will contact you with pick up options. All children will be asked to wear a plain white t-shirt that day, one with no prints or designs and blue pants.  We’re hoping to create a fun color theme.  Can you guess what the third color will be??  That part of their costume (the red part) will go home with them at the end of the day. Needless to say, the children have been working hard to memorize their parts and learn all the songs.  I hope you’ll all be able to come and enjoy the program too.   Tonight for homework – Read to Step 715 or more, practice those spelling words one more time and practice those multiplication facts too.   Have a nice evening!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 18, 2017 at 4:25 PM
Today we had a little end of the day excitement.  One bus had an issue while out with Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. Salisbury’s classes at Quarry Hill.  They didn’t get back until after the bell had rung, so our apologies if your child came home a little later than usual.  While one group waited for the bus to come back and unload, I shared with them one of my “really late” pick up stories.  Fortunately it was quite a while ago.  We had gotten a terrific rainstorm, followed by a very sharp drop in temperature.  All of the rain became ice in a matter of minutes.  Naturally this happened about 3:00 in the afternoon, just before dismissal.  The bus company cancelled the buses.  All the parents had to come to pick up their children.  None of the roads had been treated yet.  Needless to say we had many children stuck at school…for HOURS!  The last poor soul was finally picked up at about 7:30pm that night.  And mind you, this was all before cell phones!  Thankfully today’s delay was only about 15-20 minutes.   Tonight for homework, please have your child cut out their new multiplication fact triangles.  They should definitely begin practicing their facts if they haven’t already.  These triangles should stay at home.  They already have a set here at school for practicing.  Also please have your child read to step 711 or more and get ready for the spelling test on Friday!   Have a great evening!  Hopefully this storm will pass quickly and will not result in any property damage!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 17, 2017 at 4:20 PM
The last week or so we have been learning about sentence structure, specifically about subjects and predicates.  You will find some of their practice papers coming home today.  Ideally, we want children to be skilled at writing more detailed and descriptive sentences and stories.  They will be applying their knowledge and expertise as they write their final writing assessment for the year.  It has been a pleasure for me to read all their incredible and adventuristic tales.  They have needed some guidance and encouragement along the way.  Sometimes students start out with the greatest of intentions and then just cut to the chase. They’ll write a terrific introduction only to abruptly write “The end.”  I do look forward to reading all of their final copies, and I’m sure you will too when they come home.   Tonight for homework, please have children read to Step 707 or more and practice their spelling words.  Also ask them to show you their cursive handwriting book.  They have been working hard to complete it.  Note that some may have an uncompleted page or do.  That has usually been due to absence or other activity.   Enjoy your evening!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 16, 2017 at 4:33 PM
Today was quite an eventful day!  It started with a visit from my favorite piano tuner, Mr. Arnie Kuntz.  The students were absolutely fascinated when they could look and see the entire inside of the piano and watch the action of the movement inside the piano.  Just after lunch we all went to the Mother’s Day Store.  You’ll want to look in their folders for cards (and a special gift we made for you in class) as well as in their backpacks for the gifts they bought at the Mother’s Day Store.  And then at about 3:00 we had a fire drill.  It sure made, like I said for an exciting day!   Tonight for homework – please read to Step 692 and practice your spelling words for tomorrow’s test.   Have a great evening!!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 11, 2017 at 4:02 PM
Our trip to Quarry Hill was a success!  I’ve attached a photo of one of the Painted Lady Butterflies that we released today.  Hopefully it will live long and survive well in the wild.  We sure learned a lot today.  We learned how to use a scientific key to identify different trees, based on the structure of their leaves and seeds.  We also learned about the life cycle of trees.  You may want to ask your child to describe what the “senescent”  phase in the tree’s life cycle is all about.  (I’ll tell you tomorrow, if you haven’t already looked it up!)   This week our PTSA is having their annual “Mother’s Day Store.”  Students should bring some money to school on Thursday to shop for Mom.  Items will cost between 25 cents and $5.00.  Children will only be able to choose one gift this year because donations have been more limited and class sizes are up.  All gifts will go home on Thursday so watch for them and keep them safe until Sunday!!   Tonight for homework:  Check for wood ticks – we were out in the wooded area today.  There are likely none, but better safe than sorry.  Read to Step 685 or more  Children should tell you about their trip to QH.  I'll try to attach a photo from today's trip to Quarry Hill.  No promises.  I'm not great with technology, but I'll try to copy and paste.  It may require some tweaking on your part.  Sorry - I'm still learning too! Have a great evening! Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On May 09, 2017 at 5:12 PM
Just a couple of items: Permission slips for our Como Park Zoo Trip – please sign and return as soon as you can.  Our trip will be on June 7th. Mother’s Day Store – our PTSA will be having a Mother’s Day Store on Wednesday and Thursday, May 10 and 11.  Children should bring a small amount of money so they can purchase one gift.  Please do not send more than $5.00.  Our class will be going to the store on Thursday, right after our lunch recess time. May/June classroom calendars should be in the backside of your child’s orange folder.  If you don’t see one, then they forgot to pick it up! May 9 – Our class will go to Quarry Hill for our final curriculum related field trip.  I’d like to have one or two parents/guardians join us.  Let me know.  I can have two total.   A note about reading levels – our staff made a decision that we would not accelerate any students to the next reading level this year after the end of April.  I know that disappoints some students, but there is good reason for this choice.  Ordinarily students tend to read far less during the summer.  They also tend to read materials that are familiar and far less challenging.  For the majority of students, this means a summer slide.  They simply forget some of the good strategies they’ve learned or they’ve forgotten to practice those skills.  This last month of school, I will be allowing some students to “reach for the stars” and attempt to do some reading at a higher level without officially moving them to that level.  They will get a chance to stretch themselves and look ahead to what will await them next year in third grade.  Not all my students are quite ready for that rigor, but I’ll let them expand their horizons a bit on their own and see where their skills will take them.   This weekend – just keep everyone on step.  Ideally everyone should be on step 655 or more on Monday morning.   Have  great weekend!   Sincerely, Dee Tiedeman
Posted by METIEDEMAN  On Apr 28, 2017 at 5:05 PM
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